Finding interest and beauty in the ordinary is the stimulus for my painting.

Obvious beauty or dramatic appeal does not attract me to a subject. I prefer to paint an intriguing arrangement of forms and values, the way one area reflects and opposes another area, the play of light against dark, warm next to cool, organic and geometric shapes, diagonal lines balanced by opposing verticals and horizontals. The subject matter I paint is usually mundane, nature driven and often found in my own garden or close to my home.

My working method is seldom spontaneous though I work to create spontaneity in the final product. I start by making an abstract drawing, looking for the repeating and opposing lines and shapes, creating values and sometimes textures in pencil. When the line and value drawing reaches a stage where “it makes me want to sing and dance,"  I’m ready to use it to create a color study. Colors are chosen to create movement across the picture plane, to knit the whole together and create a mood. The color study is also abstract. When these two studies are finished, I am ready to begin painting.

I also enjoy documenting trips through my paintings, usually in watercolors and working both on site and in the studio using my photographs for reference.

Still life paintings are usually a way for me to tell a story and express an opinion. Often a small disaster is part of the over all composition but not obviously the focus of the painting or drawing.

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